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Calling all artists!

Portus is getting prepared to open our doors for artwork submissions to be displayed in our Art Gallery during Portus from July 10-13, 2008, in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas.

Entrants may submit up to four pieces per person or collaborative group. While attendance is encouraged, those that will not be present are still able to feature their work in our gallery. We encourage artists to use their imagination to come up with interesting and unique pieces that compliment our theme this year, "When One Door Closes, Another One Opens."

Submissions may incorporate one or more of the following: fandom, whimsy, fantasy, 2 and 3-D pieces, sculpture, photographic, and textile creations. Portus cannot be responsible for installations and we ask that each submitted piece be ready for display. As we will be using artists easels, it is not necessary for each piece to be wired, however we request that each piece be supported by a frame or matting when submitted. Please refrain from entering pieces that contain a glass or other breakable covering that may result in injury. Artwork that is 2 and 3-D that is unable to be displayed on an easel must be wired and ready to hang, with wiring that is strong enough to support each pieces weight. Portus cannot be responsible for pieces damaged in shipping, exhibition, loss or theft, however great care will be ensured for all art.

Each submission must be an original creation of the artist or group. Parodies are considered acceptable. If the person submitting the piece is not the creator, written proof of permission to use the work will be accepted. Portus reserves the right to refuse any work that is violent, lewd, sexual, or too adult oriented in nature. We ask that all submissions please adhere to an PG-13 rating.

Artists are requested to upload images of submissions to the form below. Upon approval, artists will be sent a consent/submission form to be printed, signed and mailed to Portus prior to the event.

There will be a $5 per piece hanging fee to be paid prior to the event via the Portus Registration System.

Artists may drop off their pieces in person at Portus, or may ship artwork to an address that will be provided, with pieces arriving no more than two weeks prior to the event. If return of artwork is requested, please provide adequate shipping materials and postage so that we may efficiently return your artwork to you. Failure to do so may result in art not being returned.

We will be having an auction at the end of Portus, with proceeds going to LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas), an United Way Agency that provides free reading classes to adults in the state of Texas. Any artwork donations to the auction are greatly appreciated, and will help us ensure our event is a great success!

We request that artists commit to displaying their artwork in the Portus gallery until 10 am July 13, 2007. Also, submission to the gallery grants HPEF and its assignees and licensees the right to photograph and/or video-record the image for archival and compendium purposes.

Accepted artwork may be dropped off in person on July 10, and picked up no later than July 13, 2008. Artwork that is not picked up after 2pm on July 13 will become the property of HPEF unless prior arrangements have been made.

Entries may be submitted to the Portus Art Gallery beginning November 15, 2007. Our deadline for entries will be midnight, May 15, 2008.

We are very excited to see the unique creations our fellow artists can come with to make Portus 2008 an event to remember!

Submission form

Nickame, if desired (will be used in place of real name)
Street 2
Phone number
E-mail address
Short artist bio
Upload an image of your submission for approval (max filesize: 2Mb)